Unicom ERP Restaurant Solution

Unicom ERP is the only restaurant solution provide a complete ERP environment for a restaurant.

Arabic & English

Unicom ERP supports both English and Arabic languages and can switch between the language on the fly, without logging out or re-starting

Easy User Administration

Unicom ERP facilitates easy user management for setting access right at session level and data level

Certified by

Unicom ERP is certified by General Authority for Zakat & Tax for compliance of VAT requirements of Saudi Arabia.

Document Management

Unicom ERP supports document management, by attaching documents to most of the important sessions in Unicom ERP.

Different document types can be defined. Multiple scanned documents can be attached to one record.

Restaurant POS

Restaurant touch screen Point of Sales (POS) support multiple type of ordering like Takeaway, Dine-in, Delivery, etc. In addition to order screen, it also support kitchen screen / printouts, delivery display, etc. Delivery order keep track of orders received from multiple delivery companies Hungerstation, Talabat, Jihaz, etc.

Picture based grouping ad ordering system provide easy ordering.

There can be items with multiple options.

Cash can be collected by way of cash, card or payment received by on-line companies.

In addition to receipt printout, the order can be printed to different delivery sections to multiple printers.

Cahier audit roll, at the end of the cashier shift, will list all transactions classified into cash, card and on-line sales.

Restaurant Supply Chain

Important activities related restaurant supply chain include purchase, warehouse, central kitchen, production / sales at shops. Purchase can be to warehouse, directly at central kitchen or directly at store. Similarly transfers can be from warehouse to central kitchen or shop and from central kitchen to shops. Similarly return / transfer can be to any of these entities to any other.

Restaurant Supply Chain – Recipe and Costing

Recipe management is a critical aspect for proper inventory management or costing of restaurant business.

Restaurant Supply Chain – Production

Production can be made based on the production schedule or based on the transfer request from the shops. Both manual production order automated production order based on transfer request or sales in shops are supported in Unicom ERP

Restaurant Supply Chain – Supplier Management

Unicom ERP provide detailed supplier information, which will be used for purchase as well as supplier accounting

Restaurant Supply Chain – Purchase Price List

There can be multiple price list for purchase. Price list can be associated with the supplier, so that the agreed price can be monitors during creating the purchase order.

Restaurant Supply Chain – Purchase Order

Manual Purchase Order, or automated purchased order based on the default supplier for the item, stock level and economic order quantity is supported.

Restaurant Supply Chain – Inventory Management

Hyperlink reports are available to see the status of stock in any shop or warehouse, which can drill down to the transaction of the item into a specific warehouse. System also supports physical count, comparison of system stock with counted stock and update of inventory based on the physical stock.

Restaurant Supply Chain – Costing Reports

Extensive costing reports are available for restaurant business considering the production cost including packaging and wastage, compared with actual and standard.

Unicom ERP – Finance and Accounting

Unicom ERP provide a complete finance and accounting functionality, fully integrated with other modules like purchase, transfer, production, sales and Human Resource Management. Supplier and Employees subledger provide supplier / employees statement. Supplier ageing and many other reports are available for proper supplier accounting and management.