About Us

We at Unicom ERP are dedicated to designing & building cross platform, cloud based, plug & play ERP products for growing organization such as yours.

With 100+ years cumulative experience, our team of experts in the fields of ERP and Information Technology (IT) have created ERP solutions that address the needs of small and significant businesses that form the bedrock of business enterprise worldwide.

Unicom ERP, our business management solutions software, integrates data from five essential facets of your business onto a real-time dashboard.


Ahammed Kabeer

A Chartered Accountant with a Wise Head & Never Say Die Attitude. Over three decades of experience in designing, building and implementing ERP Products across the world.

He has implemented ERP in PepsiCo, SABIC and Rolls-Royce to name a few of the top brands. He was the General Manager, ACS (Largest IT company in Middle-East) after he had developed Accounting & Logistics Packages for Manorajyam, Mangalam, Vanitha Publication, Seemati in the 80s.

Zujin Kabeer

MBA-Investor-Entrepreneur with a keen interest on why & how businesses work. Zujin has started two companies before the age of 21. An Investment Firm and an Education Software Company both of which have achieved envisioned milestones.

He is the Chief Fund Manager for SnowBall Investments which has Consistently performed with a CAGR of 30% for past 5 years Zujin is also the Co-founder, Chief Architect & Programmer for Citifortune Education Management System.

Zubin Kabeer

An Engineer and an MBA with a flair for making & marketing great products. An IIM Alumni Zubin began's ERP journey began as a Software Developer at Infor (World’s 3rd largest ERP company). He then moved in as a Business Consultant with TCS (India’s Largest IT company). As the Marketing Manager at Reliance Retail. (Largest Retail company in India) Zubin has leveraged ERP and supply chain tools to bring about business transformations.