Unicom ERP Asset Management

An organization with more than 30 years of ERP experience provides this complete solution for fixed assets management, supported by RFID technology.

In addition to proper grouping and description of the asset, the system also takes care of custody management of the asset. The system also takes care of proper accounting, including periodic depreciation, physical count supported by RFID technology and proper reporting, including dashboard.

Asset Information

The system supports the grouping of fixed assets in multiple levels to manage the assets in a systematic manner. Detailed information of the assets provide proper control on the asset.

Custody & Location Management

The custody and location of the assets can be within the organizational structure or with customers. Custody and location management of the fixed assets are critical components of the fixed asset.


Unicom ERP provide a complete ERP solution, related to Fixed Assets Management. This include:

  • Fixed Assets Registration, with proper grouping structure
  • Purchase of Fixed Assets
  • Sales of Fixed Assets
  • Periodic Depreciation
  • Fixed Assets Register

Physical Count of Fixed Assets

Physical count of fixed assets are supported by RFID devices. When the assets are distributed in a wide geographical area, regular and systematic physical count ensure proper control on the asset.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard and reports provide the required information to the right person in the right format. Easy access and analysis provide proper control on the fixed asset.