E-Invoicing for Petrol Station Sales

Even though Unicom ERP is a complete solution, based on our discussion, we are offering you a customized solution with the
following main functions:

Point of Sales Application for Petrol Station and hardware

The solution is easy to use, complying with the requirement of ZATCA for invoicing like QR code. The built in printer will give printout from the mobile hand held devise.

Cloud Based, Bilingual and ZACTA Compliant and Certified

Our solution is already certified by GAZT, way back in 2017 itself. It complies with the requirement of E-Invoicing, including QR Code and XML output. When other requirements are published as follows, it will be provided without any additional cost.

  • The ability to generate invoices and their associated notes in XML format or PDF/A-3 format (with embedded XML).
  • The ability to generate e-invoices and e-notes which include all the data fields required, as per the resolution.
  • The ability to prevent tampering and reveal any tampering attempts that might occur by the user or any third party.
  • The ability to protect the generated e-invoices and e-notes from any alteration or undetected deletion and be able to save e-invoices and e-notes and archive them in XML format without an internet connection.
  • The ability to generate a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in addition to the invoice sequential number.
  • The ability to generate a cryptographic stamp for each e-invoice and e-note.
  • The ability to generate a QR code which is a type of matrix barcode, with a pattern of black and white squares that is machine readable by a QR code scanner, or a camera on a smart device, in order to enable basic validation of e-invoices and e-notes.
  • A tamper-resistant invoice counter that cannot be reset.
  • The ability to connect to an internet connection and integrate with external systems by using an API.

Solution offered is a cloud-based solution but can hosted internally and need not connect to internet. But if connected to internet, you can utilize the option 2 function, so that you can get the confirmation of proforma invoice through access given to the customer.

The solution is English and Arabic. Can easily switch from one language to another on the fly.

Users and Administration

Unicom ERP is multiuser and define multiple users, based on the license terms. Each user can assign limited functions and even can restrict access to the proforma invoice or invoices created by them.

System Flow

The data entered in the hand held devise, can be uploaded at any time to the cloud server. Internet connectivity is not needed in billing in the hand held (Point of Sales). Once it is uploaded to the server, each POS entry can be identified in the sales data base. Cash and credit card sales can be identified separately and reports can be taken from any date to any date for the selected Station, POS or all. This include VAT reports.

VAT Compliance

Above is the sample invoice given to the customer. The compliance requirement for December 4, 2021 from ZATCA are the following: