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We at Unicorn ERP are dedicated to designing & building cross-platform, cloud-based, plug & play ERP software solutions for growing businesses like yours.

Business Simplified

Unicom ERP solutions software enables you to integrate every aspect of your business onto a simple interface that analyzes the data and simply reports the status of your business at any given time.

Business Optimised

You can be sure that you are making optimum use of your resources at business with our ERP solutions software. The interdepartmental integration of your business data accurately highlights redundancy within the business enabling you to address these redundancies before they become issues.

Business Forecasting

With reporting mechanisms that compute the length and breadth of your inventory, man power, assets, cashflow and the like, our ERP solutions are able to analyse and create reports that are able to forecast the real-time status and health of your business.

Features that integrate your business seamlessly

Adept Sales Invoicing

Our sales invoicing solutions include, professional, accurate and data generated sales invoices come in a variety of sales models and support both, cash and credit invoicing that integrate the VAT and GST applicable to your stock and service items.

Retail Pos

In addition to the featured sales invoicing solutions, our Retail POS comes fully integrated into our ERP and has an offline billing option. The Retail POS software solution supports back display, barcode, cash box and receipt printer.

Touch Screen POS

In addition to the featured sales invoicing solutions, the Touch Screen POS has an offline billing option. Fine tuned for restaurants, the touch screen POS software supports kitchen display, cash box, receipt printer and multiple printers for preparing the food items. It supports servicing multiple customers categorising into dine in, take away, on-line sales,etc.

Mobile Sales

In addition to the featured sales invoicing solutions, the Mobile sales module proves useful for sales delivery and cash/credit collections on the go. Unicom ERP recognises each delivery van to be a warehouse and generates status of the stock on the completion of sales.

Customer Management

Our ERP integrates with your client database to facilitate client management for your business. With proper customer information, Unicom ERP ensures that quotes and invoices are generated and followed up with customers in a timely manner. Collection from customers can be settled against the pending invoices and can provide proper customer statements and ageing reports related to the customer outstanding payments.

Sales/Purchase Return Simplified

Good once bought can be returned to your business hassle-free through our software. With a meticulous record of sales/purchases and inventory, goods can be returned without the need to identify a specific invoice. Payments pending for goods returned/purchased in relation to specific invoice can be sent out in part or full.

Purchase / Vendor Management

Unicom ERP integrates purchase with inventory and accounts, enabling you to manage your purchase in an efficient manner. It provides proper vendor management with required vendor information and required purchase pricing and analysis. Payments can be settled against invoices to provide proper vendor statements and ageing reports.

Inventory Management

Unicom ERP provides comprehensive solutions for inventory management that support inventory adjustment, physical counting and barcode generation for inventory and the like. These solutions generate reports that include stock status reports and inventory movement reports that accurately reflect the item/stock/inventory in your business at any given time.

Inventory Adjustment

Unicom ERP features inventory adjustment to resolve accounting and inventor concerns that arise from wrong data entry, damaged items and the like. This feature can effectively be used to enter the opening stock of your inventory as well as update stock quantities.

Bar Code

Unique printed/displayed barcodes for every item in your inventory and is a mandatory requirement for most retail setups. Unicom ERP supports barcode printing and reading. Accurate and responsive reading to list out the product makes Unicom ERP's barcode solution ver efficient.

Manufacturing Management

Facilitate proficient production order schedules and arrive at accurate production costs with manufacturing management solutions that centralise manufacturing data costs that include material, labour and overheads. The manufacturing module of Unicom ERP supports the Bill of Quantity for manufacturing that maintains an accurate stock of raw materials and finished goods in your warehouse and the material and service costs involved.

User-Defined Accounts

As an account holder on Unicom ERP, you can create account heads (Chart of Accounts), based on predefined grouping and by identifying the nature of accounts in your business. This will help you customise and create financial statements like the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.

Finance Management

Managing your bank and finances becomes an automated process with the integration between Unicom ERP and your bank account. Bank transactions are securely imported and bank reconciliation becomes a simple and straightforward process. With entries consolidated across modules like sales and purchase, Unicom ERP supports user-defined ledger accounts, cost/profit centres and user-defined financial periods and financial reports like ledger statements, journal vouchers, trial balance, profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Easy Expense Entry Screens

As an account holder and user of Unicom ERP, you can create profit/cost centers and every financial transaction in the system can be updated with the relevant profit/cost center information. This will help generate customised reports like Profit and Loss Statements from the Profit / Cost Centers.

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