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Enjoy the flexibility of operating your business from the comfort of your own home or while travelling. Simply log in from anywhere to resume business as usual.

Business Automation

Your business benefits from business automation when reports that are generated accurately forecast redundancy and foster interdepartmental collaboration towards profitable gains.

Integrated Point Of Sale

With an integrated Point Of Sale module and mobile application Unicom ERP lets you easily manage multiple stores with stock status retail and distribution business.

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Functions that makes it magical

Business functions with efficiency, ensure that your operations stay ahead of the loop.
Unicom ERP is secure and reliable to ensure your business is always online 24/7

Sales Management

Manage your sales with invoicing solutions with cloud, mobile or POS. Sales dashboard provide proper analysis of the sales. Integration with on-line sites and payment gateway provide complete sales solution. It is a complete solution for VAT or GST reporting and compliance.

Purchase Management

Our integrated purchase order process helps you to create digital purchase orders that can be converted to invoices and tracked through a digital trail that helps you manage the purchase process effectively.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory by keeping track of your stock real-time. With our custom barcodes, identify your best-selling stock and the prices they are selling at, keep a track of your stock levels and generate quick and accurate quotes and invoices.

Finance Management

Managing your bank and finances becomes an automated process with the integration between Unicom ERP with your bank account. Bank transactions are securely imported and bank reconciliation becomes a simple and straightforward process.

Payroll Management

Fully integrated payroll solution provide employee information, keeping track of benefit, deductions, attendance and other payroll related information. This will reduce the effort required for monthly payroll preparation, avoid duplication of entries in finance and human resource management more efficient.

Manufacturing Management

Manage your production with proper bill of quantity for each items produced and proper production scheduling. The system not only provide proper inventory management of raw materials and variation of consumption compared to the standard, but also provide proper production costing. Cost can include materials, labour and overheads.

Project Management

Keep track of your job or project from the beginning to end for all activities like activities by employees, purchase for the project, sales for the project, financial expenses and finally the profit or loss related to the project. Analysis can be made by customers related to various projects associated with them.

Asset Management

Fixed Assets management from the time it is purchased until it is disposed of is important management and statutory requirement. We provide a complete solution for asset management related to purchase, periodic depreciation, proper fixed assets accounting, assets register as needed by legal and auditing requirements and proper disposal by sales or otherwise.


We have created distinct POS solutions that are fully integrated into the ERP that operate offline and conveniently adapted to the retail, restaurant and delivery billing systems, respectively. A convenient point of sale indeed.

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The folks at small businesses who have leveraged Unicom ERP to have a fantastic overview of their business

Exciting Features that make for Business Convenience

Business solutions that back you and make business dealings with your office, vendors and clients simple, efficient and convenient.

Bilingual (Arabic/English)

Our ERP software solutions are inclusive and equipped to manage your business bilingually, in English and Arabic.

User-friendly Operation

It is simple and convenient to set up your business operations on our software. Our software is compatible with software/formats of essential third party vendors that enable you to safely import essential business data.

Integrated Payment Gateway

The integration of payment processes allow you to seamlessly process transaction data from multiple sales channels that flow directly into your Unicom ERP business account. ​

Dashboard and Reporting

Get an insight of your business on informative and well-organised dashboards that accurately report real-time facts and figures that prevail across departments in your business.

Multi-User License

The software allows multiple-user access to your business account to allow for more than just one transaction to be processed at any given time.


Unicom ERP has incorporated the requisite GST and VAT compliances and computations applicable to your business within the software.

24/7 Customer Support

Unicom ERP is your reliable and secure business companion that is here to support you virtually anywhere 24/7. Quick access our ticketing system from your dashboard and briefly describe your issue. You will be contacted soon with a resolution or answers to your questions.

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